Cambridge Audio Azur 650BD review

My review of this Blu-ray player is now published on Register Hardware. If you’re in the UK, you can find the player for sale at Richer Sounds.

Cambridge Audio Azur 650BD
The Azur 650BD plays more discs than the average Blu-ray player

Why this, rather than any other player? Unlike most BD players, it also plays some of the fancier audio formats, like SuperAudio CD (SACD) or DVD-Audio, which can give you 5.1 surround sound. If you fancy trying one out, I recommend the excellent Barb Jungr’s ‘Waterloo Sunset’ which you can buy from Amazon using the link below. A SACD will play on an ordinary CD player too, incidentally.

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  1. “A SACD will play on an ordinary CD player too, incidentally.”

    Unfortunately, not all SACDs are Hybrids so will not play on CD players – I found this out the hard way with Buena Vista Social Club.

  2. Good point; keep an eye out for ‘Hybrid SACD’ in the descriptions on Amazon. The one I’ve linked to here is – so you can listen to Barb now, and then convince yourself to upgrade to something that plays SACD

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