Toshiba TV firmware update for HDMI audio issues

Not hot news, but worth a mention as it’s recently been circulated as a bulletin to branches of a major retailer.

If you have a Toshiba TV and find that there are audio problems via HDMI – typically echo, or distortion – then you need to apply a fix. It was made available in April (hence not exactly hot news), but clearly not everyone has installed it. And you won’t notice it until you’ve been using HDMI for a while, so if you’re thinking of investing in a BD player or an HD receiver, it’s worth checking the version in your set’s menus. If the date is before April 2010, you should update.

Details of the affected sets, together with download links, are on the Toshiba support page.

7 Replies to “Toshiba TV firmware update for HDMI audio issues”

  1. audio problemx,,,t.v, spkers ,,distorted sound. toshiba 2010 how ? where? update. t,v, model37E200U seriesA14158C33457L1. picture still excellent. what 2 do?

    1. If the problem is via the TV speakers, then it’s likely something different – the fix mentioned here was for audio via HDMI. But it’s still worth following the link and seeing if you can find a firmware update for your site on that page.

  2. I have an April 2011 Toshiba LCD Tv, Model # is 46G310U, Serial Number is B17188C09781K1, I am having issues with distorted sound. The toshiba website is literally useless and when I called Toshiba tech support they said they don’t offer phone tech support for Toshiba tv’s anymore, only Toshiba laptops and to use their website instead. What can I do??

  3. I have a toshiba model # 46 XV645U which has started intermittent buzzing auto so that the conversations can’t be understood. Is there a fix for this problem. If I turn off the set and restart it goes away for a while

  4. I don’t understand my issue bc it happens on all my tvs and Comcast says it’s the tv. The other tvs are not toshiba. And the issues are only with cable not DVD player.

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