Panasonic DMR-XW380 FreeviewHD photo gallery

Here are a few shots of another product that I’ll be reviewing for Register Hardware. Keep an eye on their site for the full review during May.

The DMR-XW380 is a twin tuner FreeviewHD+ box – so it can record two different things at once, and there’s a 250GB hard drive built in. There’s also a DVD burner, and one of the new features in this year’s Panasonic range is that you can burn HD material to DVD in Blu-Ray format. Ok, that’s a lot of jargon in one sentence, but essentially it means that you can save HD shows (albeit not incredibly long ones) in a format that will enable you to play them back in HD, on a Blu-Ray player.

Based on these pics, I also have the answer to another question – yes, Freeview are obviously happy for manufacturers to use advertising in their EPG, even with the Freeview logo appearing on screen.

Panasonic DMR-XW380
The DMR-XW380 is a FreeviewHD recorder with twin tuners, and a DVD burner
DMR-XW380 rear
No surprises round the back - pretty much standard for a FreeviewHD box
DMW-XW380 remove
The remote will be familiar to any Panasonic user
Panasonic Guide+ EPG
Yes, that really is an advert at the side of the Panasonic EPG
Panasonic EPG, view 2
An alternative EPG view shows one channel. But still with the advert

7 Replies to “Panasonic DMR-XW380 FreeviewHD photo gallery”

  1. That’s a busy looking epg there Nigel. Thanks for putting them up.
    I notice the epg shows the logo for freeview but also the guide plus epg logo is there. Is there still a choice for users to call on either the freeview provided epg or the guideplus one? Are you in the guideplus epg in the screen shot and hence why it has the logo at the top? Hope that made sense!

  2. I’ve not yet had long enough to play and see if that guide can be turned off, but I will have a look through the menus. The unit I’ve got here looks like an early review one, as it’s come in a white box, without a manual.

  3. Don’t like that advert in the EPG! After splashing out a kings ransom on one of these you’d not expect to have adverts in the EPG.

  4. That EPG (included the advert) looks to be the same as in previous Pansonic models, such as my EX768. I haven’t found any way of changing EPGs or otherwise getting rid of the advertising yet :(.

  5. Regarding the advert showing. What is that option (advert) shown on your pictures, isn’t that a function for getting rid of the advert if you want to ?

  6. OMG what a stupid idea for a unit that costs so much to buy, I think that maybe the new HDR-FOX-T2 is going to be my next choice when the time comes to say goodbye to my faithful old Toppy 5800 which has never let me down since 2005.
    Any advice Nigel ?

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