Philips DTR5520 FreeviewHD photo gallery

Here’s another Freeview HD box, the Philips DTR5520. This is another of the ones that I’ll be looking at for Reg Hardware – keep an eye out for the roundup in a week or so.

Notable about this box is that though it bears the Philips brand name, it’s actually been designed by Pace, who are one of the UK’s longest established makers of set top boxes. In fact, so important is that as a brand, that the top of the box – as you can see in the photos – actually says “Designed by Pace.”

So, on with the photos. First, the pack shot; I’ll be coming back to this in a separate post soon, for various reasons.

Philips Freeview HD pack shot
Looks familiar? FreeviewHD packaging doesn't differ much, does it?
Philips DTR5520
The Philips DTR5520 - slim, and with that Pace logo on the top
Philips back panel
The back of the Philips - no optical output, but there is a co-axial one.

That co-axial audio output is a lot more useful than the digital audio outputs on many Freeview HD boxes. I’ll be explaining why later this week.

Philips FreeviewHD remote control
The Philips Remote
Philips external PSU
Like some of the other boxes, the Philips relies on an external power supply

And now, some of the screens you’ll see

Tuning menu, Philips
The Philips tuning screen
Philips Now and Next banner
The Philips Now and Next banner in default mode ...
Philips Now and Next banner
... and in the extended view
Philips FreeviewHD EPG
And finally, the Philips version of the FreeviewHD EPG

2 Replies to “Philips DTR5520 FreeviewHD photo gallery”

  1. Bought a Philips by Pace PVR the at the end of last year expecting it to be good quality. It turned out to be appalling, very slow through all menus, buggy, kept freezing and generally required about seven button presses to carry out the most basic functions.

  2. I’d rather in the EPG you can still view the channel in a small picture. Often the time I go into the EPG is when waiting for something else to start or while watching/listening to the news, so having the picture in the EPG is quite useful.

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