As a full time freelance writer, much of the work that I do is commissioned by specific title. On this page, you can find links to some of the most significant ones for which I have written, and in some cases content from them also appears here. For details of other people I’ve worked for, check my main business web site, www.nigelwhitfield.com (though apologies – it’s not kept up to date at the moment).

Computer Active

One of the UK’s biggest selling computer magazines, I worked for this fortnightly title off and on since a couple of months after it launched, including two stints manning the newsdesk, and wrote many features for them. Sadly, since their takeover by Dennis Publishing, most of the archive material has been removed from the web. www.computeractive.co.uk

Computer Active Ultimate Guides

The Ultimate Guides are a spin-off from ComputerActive, a series of ‘one shots’ where each issue focusses on a single topic, like going digital, or making your PC last longer. For seven years, I was one of two series editors, which meant I planned, edit, and wrote parts of half the issues each year. www.caultimateguide.co.uk

Personal Computer World

The oldest monthly computer magazine in the UK, cruelly shut in 2009. I started writing for it in 1995, having read it – and had a program listing published – as a teenager. As well as writing, I also edited sections of the magazine, including the Hands On pages, and stints looking after reviews as well. Sadly, the online content from PCW has, like much of the ComputerActive stuff, gone now.

The Register

Up until late 2015, the bulk of my recent work was for The Register, where I wrote a monthly column called Breaking Fad, as well as features on a wide range of topic. Some changes in focus for The Reg mean you may see less of my stuff there in future. The main website is at www.theregister.co.uk and a full list of my articles is here.

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