Goodmans GDB300HD FreeviewHD photo gallery

I’m working on a roundup of Freeview HD receivers at the moment, for Register Hardware. You’ll have to wait until it’s published there for all the full details and to find out what I think about the different bits of kit – it’s a comparative review, so I shan’t be jumping to any conclusions until I’ve had time to play properly with all the various bits of equipment that will be featured.

But, in the meantime, to whet your appetite, here are some photos of the Goodmans GDB300HD, which arrived today (courtesy of my friendly courier, who seems to have recovered from being clamped outside my flat a few weeks ago).

The Goodmans is from Harvard plc, who also own the Grundig brand in the UK, and there’s a corresponding Grundig model, the GUD300HD, which differs only in looks. Both should cost the same, around £150.

My photos

So, here are my photos of the Goodmans:

Goodmans pack shot
Goodmans pack shot
Front view of the GDB300HD
Front view of the GDB300HD
Goodmans external PSU
Unlike some other boxes, the Goodmans relies on an external power supply
Goodmans remote control
The remote control for the Goodmans also carries the Freeview HD branding
Goodmans Freeview HD programme guide
The EPG carries the obligatory Freeview logo
Goodmans, stacked on Icecrypt
For comparison, sitting on top of the Icecrypt T2200. The Goodmans is slightly wider, but a couple of inches less deep

PR photos

And, rather better lit, the official PR shots:

Goodmans GDB300HD
The Goodmans Freeview HD box ...
Grundig GUD300HD Freeview HD box
... and its identically specified Grundig branded sibling

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