Icecrypt T2200 FreeviewHD specs and on sale date

A little more on the Icecrypt T2200. As with quite a few of the FreeviewHD boxes, there have been delays in air freighting in the first shipments, due to the volcanic chaos. In the normal course of things, much of this sort of equipment arrives by ship, but very often when a product is new, a shipment or two will arrive by air, to satisfy the demands of early adopters.

I’m told that the first stocks of the T2200 should be available to pre-order next week from Turbosat, and it’s likely they’ll be on sale the week commencing 10th May.

Update: I’ve now had it confirmed that the box should be on sale on the 10th from CPC, Play, SuperFi and Turbosat.

I hope to have a manual available before then; in the meantime, here’s the spec sheet (downsampled to a slightly lower resolution than the original, to save space).


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  1. Nigel,
    Being a Topfield fan for some time now, I’m quite interested in this as we consider a switch to satellite. I hesitate to type this, but I’m going to ask anyway – how do I find out whether a certain receiver can pick up European free to air services? I’m trying to combine a switch to freeview satellite with the possibility of picking up French and German language broadcasts, particularly for my wife who teaches these languages.

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