Flixster flops, ne plus Ultraviolet

If you’ve been using Flixster (or before that, Blinkbox/TalkTalk TV) to access “ultraviolet” movies, you’ll probably have had a reminder that you need to migrate your movies to Google Play.

Of the movies that I have in Flixster, I’m told “Rise of the planet of the apes” can’t be migrated. Checking receipts, I see that by the end of this, I’ll have lost Guardians of the Galaxy, World War Z & Rise of the planet of the apes, all of which blinkbox told me I could “watch forever”

But for some reason, some of these films have taken the route Blinkbox -> TalkTalk -> Rakuten TV.

And all those three are available in my Rakuten account, even though they won’t be in my Google account. But, it would be too simple if everything was in one place, and Max Max Fury Road will make it to Google via Flixster, but didn’t turn up in my Rakuten account.

With this amount of dickery, and people’s film collections split in different ways depending on which provider bought which other, is it any wonder that Ultraviolet turned out to be a flop?

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