Farewell Acetrax

IPTV service Acetrax – one of the first to appear on smart TV sets from the likes of Panasonic – is to wind down across all the territories in which it operates.

Unlike LoveFilm, Netflix and Sky’s NowTV, Acetrax was a pay as you go service, so users could dip in and out as little as they liked. It had a moderate range of films, something also offered by Tesco’s Blinkbox.

Back in January I wondered ‘what now for Acetrax‘, which is owned by Sky, and this seems to be the answer. According the the PR, Acetrax is shutting in all territories. If you were hoping that this might presage the return of PPV movies to NowTV, which was something I previously wondered about, you’re out of luck – I’m told there are no plans to do that, so if you want the material that’s on offer from Sky, you’ll have to pay a monthly charge.

That leaves Blinkbox as the only significant UK IPTV service where you can dip in and out without any committment at all.

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