WTF is IPv6

Last week, I wrote about the IPv6 functionality of my OpenBSD mail server, and how I’ve been able to use it to connect other computers on the network up using the new protocol. (Well, not exactly new, but “finally about to be deployed after a decade of dithering” doesn’t have the same ring about it, does it?)

That came about because I was writing an article for RegHardware, as part of their WTF series. It’s a pretty quick overview, but if you’re wondering what IPv6 is all about I like to think it’s a reasonable place to start. And the contributions from many of the readers in the comments are extremely interesting too; I’d definitely recommend you take a look.

I’d also like to thank Chris Comley at Wizards, my own ISP, and Adrian Kennard at AAISP, for their help and insight. And, if it’s whetted your appetite, you’re in luck – I’m working on a more ‘hands on’ piece to, explaining how you can start experimenting with IPv6 yourself.

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