Have you been caught by Peugeot’s long lens?

Car company Peugeot has a competition on their web site at the moment, where you have to find hidden 3008s. It features some astonishing panoramic shots of London, taken sometime last summer, from the top of CentrePoint. You can zoom in, and if you go full screen, it’s pretty impressive. Here’s an overview:

View from CentrePoint
Peugeot's game has amazing images of central London

One thing that struck me is the number of roof gardens and terraces in central London, with some pretty lush planting on some of the newer buildings. And another thing that struck me is that, if Google blurs number plates and faces for privacy, shouldn’t Peugeot do the same. Especially when, thanks to their viewpoint, they’re able to show far more detail than Google Streetview. Here are some examples.

Man ironing
Who is this man ironing in badly mismatched sports gear?

Yep, you really can zoom enough to go right in through that chap’s living room window. Just as well his head is cut off (which reminds me, as so many things seem to do, of the Duchess of Argyll).

Couple in Rathbone Street
Just asking for a cigarette, or is something more sordid going on?

Ok, so they probably are just asking for a cigarette. But that’s a pretty remarkable level of detail, isn’t it?

Badly parked van
You do know you're supposed to have a permit to park there?

Let’s hope the driver of this van was supposed to be there. And it’s probably just as well there were no wardens around, because I bet he doesn’t have a permit – and certainly not one that covers having two wheels outside the parking bay.

I’m sure there’s lots more to find – and if you look at Oxford Street, you have a particularly good view, as there aren’t really any obstructions in the way. Yes, it’s bit of fun, but really, Pegueot, shouldn’t you have thought about privacy a little more?

Updated: by popular request, a few more images:

British Museum
Outside the British Museum, it's time for a Werther's Original
In Holborn, one woman has yet to notice that her feet have been stolen
Roof Garden
Off New Oxford Street, this block has a lot of roof planting
Charing Cross Road
Just as well for Peugeot that the people outside the gay bar have their backs to the camera, eh?
Foyles, Charing Cross Road
Outside Foyles, either two frames are stitched together, or this woman has an identical twin following her

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