Calling time on Sky Sports via a CAM?

When Sky Sports was launched as an add-on to Freeview by TopUpTV and BT Vision, quite a few people wondered if they’d be able to use a CAM – the module into which a subscription card fits, which itself slides into the slot on most digital TVs and a fair number of recorders.

At the time, I wrote that it was possible, but I’d been told by TopUpTV that CAMs would stop working for Sky Sports later this year, though they’ll continue to work for EPSN.

It looks like that time is almost here. I’ve been sent a copy of a letter – see the attached PDF – posted to subscribers who receive Sky Sports via TopUpTV. From the letter, it looks like this is going mostly to those customers where the company isn’t entirely sure which equipment they’re using.


Essentially, subscribers are asked to indicate which box they use to watch Sky Sports, and whether it’s a TopUpTV model, one of two Sagem models, or anything else. You’re supposed to provide this information by Monday (18th October), “to ensure there are no interruptions to your viewing.”

I’m awaiting a comment from TopUpTV on this, but since they’ve previously confirmed that CAMs will stop working, then it’s very likely that this is the start of an update to their systems that will make that happen.

If you do use a CAM for Sky Sports, and you’ve not received a letter, it might be a good idea to call them on 08444 124 898 and have a chat.

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  1. Ofcom update, ruling against Sky:

    On 13 December 2010 Ofcom concluded its assessment of Top Up TV’s complaint, issuing a decision to give a direction to Sky in respect of compliance with Condition 14A of each of the Television Licensable Content Service licenses for Sky Sports 1 and Sky Sports 2. The direction states that a term of Sky’s agreement for the wholesale supply of Sky Sports 1 and Sky Sports 2 to TUTV, restricting provision of the channels via CI+ CAMs, is in breach of Condition 14A and requires that term to be removed.

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