Icecrypt T2200 FreeviewHD – first look

I’ve been playing with a pre-production prototype of the Icecrypt T2200 FreeviewHD box. You’ve probably not heard of Icecrypt; they’re the brand name used by Turbosat who are the long-time UK distributors of Topfield PVRs.

And, in fact, the T2200 is being made by Topfield, which is why it’s also been referred to in some quarters as a Topfield Freeview HD box. It’s a very compact unit – I’ll spare you the measurements for now, as the case is different on the shipping ones. The photo on this page is the final case design, and I think this is the first place it’s appeared.

To any user of a Topfield PVR or satellite receiver, certain elements of the on-screen displays will seem familiar, though they have had a graphical makeover; most screens are a fairly transparent grey, with none of the garish blue and yellow of the TF5800, for example. The interface seems fairly polished, but I think the EPG will be tweaked as it doesn’t show the Freeview logo, which I understand is a requirement for FreeviewHD certification.

There’s the expected MHEG engine built in, which seems to respond fairly quickly; I think it’s from Ocean Blue, but have yet to confirm that; the remote may change before shipping; if it’s not going to, I’ll add a photo to this page later.

It seems the underlying OS is possibly Linux based; plug in a USB disk, and it’s reported as device ‘sda1’. You can use USB memory for upgrading the firmware (including replacing the loader, as I’ve found out during testing), and media playback is also supported. In tests, I’ve played back DivX HD, MKV, and AVI/Xvid files at both standard-def and lower resolutions. WMV files don’t appear to be supported.

Intriguingly, the T2200 responds to the same remote as the Topfield TF5810 – and pressing the Pause on that remote results in a freeze frame. I understand later firmwares may make the T2200 ‘PVR ready’ so you’ll be able to record to an external disk.

There are also twin CI bays, so you should be able to watch ESPN, with a suitable CAM, and if Sky Sports ever comes to Freeview, then a suitable CAM will give you that too. Perhaps that will be the deciding factor for some in choosing this over alternative FreeviewHD boxes.

Pricing is yet to be confirmed, but I’ll let you know when I have more news.

Icecrypt T2200
The front panel of the Icecrypt T2200 - USB and CI slots both feature

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  1. CPC have it in their latest Highlights flyer at £135 (+vat), as well as lots of other Icecrypt Freeview and satellite receivers and accessories.

    Order code is AV1984206 but it is not yet recognised on the CPC website.

    It says that CPC are the main authorised agent for Icecrypt products. I would have thought that Tubosat would be the main authorised agent.

  2. I’m not entirely sure exactly what “main authorised agent” really means in this context; it may be not much more than you find in the world of cars, where a it’s sometimes used to mean the same thing ordinary people mean when they talk of a “Main Citroen dealer” or things like that.

    CPC are indeed listed as one amongst several trade resellers on the Icecrypt site, but they’re certainly not the only one.

    Contact details for Icecrypt and Turbosat are identical (hardly surprising, really)

  3. Will it be possible for third parties to ‘tweak’ this box in the same way they can with the Topfield 5800 (thinking MyStuff here)?

  4. Not as far as I’m aware, largely because it’s not been designed as a PVR with persistent storage and a mechanism to load TAPs.

    But I do know Turbosat are fully aware of the importance that TAPs have played in the success of earlier Topfield models.

  5. Great that they have launched a Freeview HD receiver but what is needed before I can replace my fantastic Toppy is a Freeview PVR. Any news on what a freeview PVR will be released?

  6. Case dimensions (according to CPC) are 290 x 190 x 46mm, 1.2Kg

    The code is now recognised at CPC, but shown as out of stock.

  7. Nigel did you find that is very sensible where is positioned. I had to manually find a spot where its receive a good signal. It is rather anoying because i cannot place it on the tv stand. I wonder if it is not a fault.

    1. No, I didn’t have that problem at all. Just plugged it in wherever I wanted. It sounds like perhaps you have a fault connection for your aerial, because the box certainly shouldn’t care where it is.

  8. Hi Nigel,

    Just a note to say that because of the security requirements it is unlikely that Sky Sports will be allowed via a conventional CAM module. More likely, if Sky can’t stop a CAM being available it will have to be available with CI+ for the added security that is provided. Products which don’t support CI+ will be unlikely to receive Sky channels on Freeview.

    Just FYI.


    1. Hi Bob; good to see you here. Obviously, this piece was written quite a while ago, before the Sky Sports situation was entirely clear.

      I’ve added a piece about CAMs and Sky Sports here and a little about CIplus here.

  9. Hi, Nigel, and my thanks for your excellent work on the T2200.

    I have posted on AVForums, but thought I would also mail directly concerning a minor problem I have.

    On HD channels the remote for the T2200 doesn’t do anything, whereas it is fine for all the SD channels. On HD we have to use the TV’s own remote to change volume or mute.

    I am using an HD cable to interconnect.

    Thanks for any advice

    kind regards

    Edwyn Newman

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