Old newspaper clippings

Off topic for the main part of the blog, but I’ve posted about this before, and I’ve been given an old album with some newspaper clippings, which I thought worth sharing for posterity, as it were. Also, looking back at these I notice – which I didn’t at the time – that some of the basic details are wrong in quite a few. My brother was 23, not 24 when he died. He died on the Tuesday, March 5th, not Wednesday the 6th, and he was a language student, not a law student.

I’m honestly not sure we even noticed these things at the time, as we had so much on our minds, and that makes me wonder how many other small errors simply pass unnoticed because people are too distressed to notice or complain about them at the time.

The Daily Mirror, 13th March 1991:

Cambridge Evening News, 9th March 1991:

Cambridge Evening News, 9th March 1991

Cambridge Evening News, 14th March 1991:

Cambridge Evening News, 14th March 1991

Hampshire Chronicle, 15th March 1991:

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