TVonics in administration

UK manufacturer of PVRs, TVonics, has gone into administration. A note on the company’s home page indicates that “Gary Bell of Bell Advisory Llp was appointed administrator to the company on 12th June 2012.”

The company was one of the UK’s few home grown makers of recorders for Freeview, and produced some nice kit, with a clean – if sometimes simple – interface, and useful extra features like a built in HDMI switch. I last played with one last year, when an update to add iPlayer via the red button was produced.

I’ll try to find out more, but it’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time the company’s gone through this, having previously gone into administration in 2008, after which it was acquired and went on to produce the current range of Freeview HD kit, and a novel box with a talking interface for the blind.

Update, Tues am: A source tells me that most of the staff have been laid off; I’m trying to confirm more details with the administrator.

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