Installing the iPlayer update on the DigitalStream FreeviewHD recorder

As I mentioned a little while ago, the Digital Stream Freeview HD recorders are being updated to enable iPlayer, via the Red button on BBC channels. The firmware update has been released today, and you’ll find it available for download from their support site at MIT London.

There are two versions, depending on whether or not you want a Dolby Digital output from the box, so do make sure you download the right one – 4.14r8683 for Dolby Digital, and 4.14r8684 for the PCM audio output.

Download the appropriate file, which is a ZIP. Unpack it and you’ll have a folder containing eight items; copy these to a USB memory stick; mine is formatted as FAT-16 and works fine with the Digital Stream. Turn on the recorder, then pull down the flap on the right hand side of the front panel, and plug in your USB stick.

Press the Menu key on the remote, select ‘Others’ and on the next screen, scroll down to Maintenance, press OK, and select Software Update, and press OK again, then enter your PIN.

Next, a pop-up will ask if you want Over Air Download or USB; choose USB and press OK. The display may briefly return to the menu and then show a message that things are being updated; don’t turn off your box during this process. Wait for it to restart on its own, which may take a few minutes.

Eventually the box will restart; when the TV picture appears, you’ll see a message explaining how to remove the USB memory. First, though, select Others from the main menu, press OK on Diagnostics, then select System Information and press OK again. About half way down the screen, the Application version should reflect the update you’ve just installed – 4.14r8683 for Dolby Digital or r8684 for PCM.

You’ll also see your net connection details below that; if all the numbers say, make sure you have the box connected to your home network. From the ‘Others’ menu, select Peripheral Devices, then Network. For most home networks, ensure that the option at the top of the screen says DHCP, then select Apply; you may need to turn off and on again after changing this setting.

When the connection’s up and running, you’ll be able to get BBC iPlayer by pressing the red button on a BBC channel, like BBC One – but not until the 2nd of March.

Update: I gather the service will now not be live on the DigitalStream boxes until 6th March, rather than the 2nd

Incidentally, I updated without any problems, and my scheduled recordings weren’t affected, but it’s probably worth checking just in case; you can also save settings using the Backup/Restore DB option under ‘Others’ / ‘Maintenance’, which will store your channel and schedule information to the USB stick.

When you’re sure you’ve finished, go to the Media list, press Func+ and choose ‘Remove USB’ from the bottom of the menu before removing the USB stick from the front panel.

12 Replies to “Installing the iPlayer update on the DigitalStream FreeviewHD recorder”

  1. hi
    just retuned and updated but still no HD channels showing ?
    I am in Southampton and l am sure we are all done now, any ideas

    1. You have just had the first stage of switchover; there is another stage in two weeks time, and it’s then that you’ll get the HD channels, I believe.

    1. Are you tuned to a BBC mux? Best to try BBC One SD on channel 1. And also, have you checked in the System Information menu to see if your box has been assigned an IP address. You won’t get anywhere until that’s done, which means connecting the Digital Stream to your router via an Ethernet cable, either directly or using something like a powerline adaptor.

      Make sure the network settings are set to DHCP, as described in the post. If the IP address is displayed as in System Info, then you don’t have a network connection set up, so iPlayer won’t be available on the menus

  2. had to reboot my modem thanks. Will itv player and 40d be coming to freeview anytime soon do you know?

  3. Hi, does this mean you will be accessing iplayer using a data connection rather than the freeview connection?

    1. Yes. The box fetches all the content via your broadband, but uses Freeview to grab the iPlayer app, essentially.

      So you must have a Freeview signal and broadband both connected to the box

  4. Hi, tried to get on MITLONDON site for update files, but just get a domain site. are these files still available for download??
    Also Im not a technophile, so if I have access to them which one do I download, just bought a Finalux 4k tv, and just want to use the Digitalstream to record. At the moment its playing up. voice is out of sync with picture etc. Any info please. Best regards Ash.

  5. Hi There, I have two digital stream boxes and both have just started playing up. I have never done a firmware update, and now it looks like i am too late. No software online and MIT london gone, does anyone still have firmware or software files? I have emailed digitalstream, if i hear i will post. thanks

    1. I’ve looked back through my old emails, and discovered that I have contact details for Digital Stream, from when we were beta testing back in 2011/2012. I’ll see if those still work. I can also still, amazingly, access the ftp server they gave us a password for back then, but I have no idea which files on it might be current ones.

      1. My Digital Stream DHR8205 – 500GB HD PVR has also developed problems. The MIT site is a “Domain for sale” so is no good for updates. Can you help, please?

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