Roku’s media player arrives in the UK

Announced last month, just after Netflix launched, the Roku media player is now available in the UK from Amazon, where it’s listed with the catchy moniker Roku 3100EU XS AV Receiver Set-Top Box (affiliate link).

My unit arrived this morning, so I’ve only just started playing, ahead of a full review that I’ll be doing for RegHardware. You’ll have to wait until I’ve used it properly for the review, but for now I thought I’d share a few photos. It’s an incredibly small piece of kit, as you can see in the comparison photo with my iPod touch. In fact, if you have an HDMI cable that’s quite stiff, it’ll be perfectly able to lift the box up at the back.

Other first impressions? A neat bit of kit, easy to set up; it’s nice to get full 5.1 sound from Netflix (which I didn’t manage with the Samsung TV client), and the iPlayer implementation looks good. It’s also working fine with my Harmony remote, too. A shame, though, that for £99 there’s no HDMI cable in the box.

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  1. I’ve been looking for a replacement for my ageing Popcornhour A100. One essential feature is that It needs to automatically determine the correct output frequency for the source material, ie 24, 50 and 60Hz. Can you please check this for your full review. Thanks!

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