Netflix or LoveFilm?

If you’ve been asking yourself that question, my article comparing the two is now live on RegHardware.

Broadly speaking, I think that I’m more likely to keep paying for Netflix after the end of the free period, but that’s because I tend to enjoy working my way through some of the ‘box set’ type material that they have, and I don’t personally think that LoveFilm has a great TV selection right now. If I were more into watching films, then I’d likely make a different choice – but during the week, I don’t tend to watch TV that much in the evenings, and for me delving into another episode of something on Netflix when there’s nothing more to watch will be a lot more likely than sitting down to watch a whole film.

The other factor is that the TV set I’m presently using – a Samsung D8000 – will have to go back to the PR folk soon, and my own set, a Panasonic V10, doesn’t support any of these services. But I can still access Netflix using my iPod touch and play it through the dock on the AV system, and I’m looking forward to trying out one of the Roku media players too, which will be slightly better solution.

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  1. Netflix or LoveFilm?

    Actually I prefer subscription free Blinkbox on my Samsung D7000. Not quite as wide a choice of films but quite sufficient for me.

    Logins were very frustrating with all of them before getting the Samsung app on my iPhone. Even so, the tv browser is very flaky.

    With BBC iPlayer, ITV iPlayer, my Toppy Freeview and Humax Freesat PVR’s, I hardy have enough time to watch films as well.

    Got to rationalise my viewing, me thinks.

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