Well, that was quick

The news about Amy Winehouse has been all over the net this afternoon, and it doesn’t seem to have taken long for scammers to cotton on to it. In my facebook feed, around 7.25pm London time, I saw someone posting this:

Amy Winehouse video scam
This is doing the rounds on Facebook - only a few hours after news of her death

I’ve removed the name of the person who posted this, for security. Clicking the link does indeed take you to exclusiveonlinevid.com, which proceeds to run a ton of Javascripts. I’ve not looked at them in detail, and it’s not automatically propagated through my own Facebook account, but I suspect it’s another of the ‘survey’ type scams that’s been around on Facebook lately.

Updated: I’ve now also seen links to keywordcache.com – the second screenshot below – which once again claims to be a Winehouse-related video, and is definitely a survey scam.

A clear indication that the video is a fake is the supposed comments below it, the most recent of which is apparently from the 8th of June; it would be hard to have a ‘night before death’ video from six weeks ago.

So, if you see this link, don’t click on it. Tell your friends if they’ve posted it on their walls, and never, ever, fill in your Facebook password just to see a video.

Fake video
The comments below this supposed video from yesterday are dated June 8th and earlier - clearly a fake
Amy Winehouse scam
The scam is also linked to keywordcache.com - don't click any links!

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  1. I feel sorry for her family, that her life ended this way,
    AS well as all the hype on her, has as many people made comments on people bombed in Oslo or for all the poor kids shot in Norway? Young lives that may never have tasted booze or had drugs in their short time on Earth? To me, they, their family and friends, need more thoughts and prayers now, than AW!

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