Dolby transcoding for Icecrypt T2400

Owners of the Icecrypt T2400 will be pleased to hear that a new firmware update is being tested at the moment, which will add Dolby digital transcoding to the unit.

In my original review, that was one of the main points against it, so if this works well, it will be very good news for users.

I hope to start testing the update in the next couple of days, and will post more about it next week.

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  1. New firmware posted

    • Dolby has been upgraded to MS10, Dolby transcoding for HD is now supported**.

    • Potential lockup issue fixed.

    • Single EPG bug is now fixed.

    • Changes to the flash memory structure (factory reset required)

    • Sometimes sound loss when using Chase Play this is fixed.

    • When receiving duplicate transmitters problem with red button Interactive channel not linking with 0301 is fixed.

    • AVI file audio delay problem fixed.

    • DivX aspect ratio has been improved.

    • HDMI driver updated to fix specific TV problem – LG 42LW5700.

    • + Other minor bug fixes.

    ** On release it has been noted that with the new Dolby transcoding there may be a sound balance issue between SD and HD channels.

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