BBC iPlayer arrives on VieraConnect for 2011 sets

Panasonic has announced that the BBC iPlayer is now available on their 2011 TV sets, via the company’s VieraConnect platform. VieraConnect is the new beefed up version of VieraCast, which first appeared on the 2009 model sets. At the Convention earlier this year, they hinted that it was coming, but today’s press release is the official confirmation.

If you have a 2011 set, you should find iPlayer on VieraConnect now, apparently

Unfortunately for those who have older sets, Panasonic tells me that they won’t be getting iPlayer, as the VieraCast platform can’t support it. So if you have an existing Panasonic set and want iPlayer you’ll need to access it either via Freesat, if you have a dish connected, or via a separate set top box.

And, of course, owners of the first 2008 generation of Panasonic Freesat sets are still waiting for the update that will give them iPlayer.

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