3CX message waiting and the Nokia SIP client

Here’s a quick tweak to my Nokia SIP configuration – if you have the free edition of 3CX, you can’t do this as it doesn’t support the Message Waiting Indicator, but if you have the demo licence or a paid for one, then here’s how to get a notification on your Nokia mobile phone when a new message arrives in your 3CX mailbox.

I’ll assume you’ve already set up your Nokia as a client for 3CX, following my previous guide. Now you want to go to the menu, Control Panel, then open the ‘Net Settings’ app and choose ‘Advanced VoIP settings.’

Now choose ‘VoIP services’ and on the next screen the service that you set up for your 3CX system, probably something like ‘sip.mycompany.com’, then on the next screen ‘Profile settings.’

Scroll down and below the items for Caller ID that I covered last time, you’ll find ‘Voicemailbox settings ID’ which should be pre-selected with the name of the SIP profile. Next you can select a preferred internet access point to use – probably your home WiFi network, or maybe a VPN if you set things up that way.

The ‘Voicemailbox resubscribe interval’ can be left set to 0.

‘Voicemailbox address’ is your extension number, an @ and the name of the sip server, so something like ‘176@sip.mycompany.com’ if your phone is extension 176. The next entry is ‘Voicemailbox listen address’ and looks much the same, though the number is replaced with the 3CX voicemail extension number – by default 999, though naturally being in the UK, I’ve changed that to something else. It will look something like ‘999@sip.mycompany.com.’

Now, when a message is received in your mailbox, you’ll get what appears to be a text message on your phone, notifying you (and the same will happen when you sign in to 3CX, if there are new messages waiting). Hold down the 1 key on the phone and you’ll get a popup menu asking which mailbox you want to call ‘Voice mailbox’ or ‘sip.mycompany.com’. Select the latter, and the phone will dial your 3CX voicemail for you.

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