BBC One HD ident revealed

Want to know what those BBC One HD idents will look like? Here are some images, hot from the BBC Press Office.

BBC ONE HD - Eastenders. Thanks to the BBC for this image
BBC ONE HD - Holby City. Thanks to the BBC for this image
BBC ONE HD - The Apprentice. Thanks to the BBC for this image
BBC ONE HD - QI. Thanks to the BBC for this image

3 Replies to “BBC One HD ident revealed”

  1. Oh F***ing great! Something else to worry about burning into my plasma display. Why the hell do they have to dog tag every damned channel? It is seriously moronic and a REAL problem for us plasma (and even LCD) owners. Do these people not even think about these issues? Even CRT’s suffered from some burn in in the past.

  2. Don’t panic guys – that won’t be plastered on your screen.

    These are standard BBC promo photos, and that’s the way they highlight the channel in them. For example, promo images for material on BBC HD often have the channel logo in a big black square, and as we all know, that isn’t what’s broadcast.

    It does, however, ensure that it can be seen clearly in the promo images, rather than being lost (or easily cropped out) as would be the case if it were the on-screen version, very faint and right in the corner.

    The important bit is the logo itself, not the big red box that it’s sitting in for these photos.

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