Icecrypt T2200 FreeviewHD photo gallery

Finally my pre-production sample of the Icecrypt T2200 has arrived, so I’ve taken a few photographs to show. The front panel is the same as in the pictures available elsewhere, with a few tweaks to the logos. The rear panel has changed substantially from the prototype unit that I was using – now the only sockets are HDMI, Ethernet, optical digital, twin SCARTs and the aerial connectors – the prototype also had composite, component and stereo audio.

Anyway, without further ado, here are the photos I took this afternoon. In most cases, the captions should be pretty self-explantory, but feel free to raise any points in the comments below.

In all cases, just click the image to see it full size.

Icecrypt T2200, Humax Freeview HD and Freesat HDR
For comparison, top to bottom: Icecrypt T2200, Humax HD-Fox T2, Humax Foxsat HDR
T2200 front view
Front of the Icecrypt T2200
T2200 rear view
The rear view of the T2200 reveals the bare minimum of sockets
T2200 remote control
The remote control for the T2200 is the same as for Topfield's TF5810 PVR
T2200 main menu
The main menu has a simple row of icons
T2200 scanning for channels
The channel scan screen will be familiar to Topfield users
T2200 EPG main view
The main view of the T2200 programme guide; you can alter the opacity
T2200 EPG alternative view
Press red, and you see this newspaper-like EPG view
T2200 channel list
The channel list will show only favourite channels, if you've set them up
T2200 favourites editor
You can create multiple favourite channel lists
T2200 USB in use
A close-up showing the T2200's USB port in action
T2200 playing a media file
The T2200 plays media files from USB drives - here a DivX HD clip

4 Replies to “Icecrypt T2200 FreeviewHD photo gallery”

  1. Interesting… firtsly is it only a single tuner, then its also a shame you cannot attach a USB drive to the back (‘as plugging one permanently in the front may be nice, but is ugly)

    If it records to HDD, had twin tuners, and TAPs, and also acted as a media streamer (ehich it looks like it does given the LAN port) then this would be the ultimate Freeview HD box.

    I hope its just the first of a couple of models, this being the cheap receiver, and the more fully featured ones would come afterwards.

  2. Yes, it is only a single tuner – it’s designed primarily as a ‘zapper’ or standard set top box.

    The LAN port is a mandatory requirement for all FreeviewHD products, and the interactive engine (used for the BBC red button stuff, for example) has code that allows that to be used to request content over the internet. A potential use for that would be iPlayer, though that’s not yet on the official FreeviewHD roadmap.

    There will be other models coming down the line, and the same is true from other manufacturers. Some will be adding media streaming, for sure. I’ll be writing about some of those others soon.

  3. I was at the presentation on Thursday night; looks an interesting box. They’re actually just down the road from me, and I had a quick peek a few months back when it was first announced.

    With a bit of luck, I’ll have one to play with here fairly soon.

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