6 thoughts on “Icecrypt T2200 Freeview HD box only £60

  1. Wow. Was just about buy until I saw it lacks Dolby Transcoding.

    The review (20th May 2010) states “Dolby transcoding is being looked at”, I guess they looked at it, then didn’t bother.

  2. Thanks for the tip, Nigel. Have just ordered one, looks like what I need to dip my toe into the HD world 🙂

  3. Hello Nigel, Please have you any idea when there will be an upgrade for T2200 to enable internet connection,thank you Bernard Bonsor

    1. Can you clarify exactly what you mean by internet connection? The most you’re likely to get, as far as I’m aware, is the iPlayer, and I shall try to find out about plans for that as soon as I can.

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